The Creature From The Next Cubicle: A Guide to the
Monsters in Your Office

It’s true, we’re surrounded by monsters. Our coworkers can cause nightmares, cold sweats, and sweaty palms. In this creative take on office relationships, I introduce all the classic movie monsters and identify each with a personality type we all encounter at work. For example, every office has their own Dracula—rarely seen in the daytime hours, but always ready to swoop in and suck the life out of the project everyone else is working on. Office vampires live off of others, unable to contribute anything on their own. But there are many more monsters!

This rollicking presentation features great visuals, some surprising stories and an insightful conclusion about the fine line between monsters and heroes. It’s a fresh, entertaining look at a widespread problem…and it has a customizable element that will have your audience cheering and laughing.

Keywords: Coworkers, office politics, relationships, management, human resources, staff relations, disengagement, job satisfaction, diversity

Key Takeaways:

  1. We can learn to understand the forces that create “monstrous” behavior in the workplace. And that understanding is the beginning of empathy and acceptance.

  2. Be aware that the most frightening monster may be the one in the mirror.

  3. Nobody wants to be a monster. How can we help them to become more human?

No Power & No Point: Turning Slides That Suck Into Works of Art

Ugh, PowerPoint…boring, repetitive, canned, right? What if I could show you how your dull slides could become beautiful, magical, and enthralling?

When I started speaking professionally, I called upon 20+ years experience in graphic design, my childhood hobby of magic, and a love of storytelling to create slides that weren’t just a little bit better; they actually drew applause from my audiences! Is anyone applauding your slides? It can happen!

In No Power & No Point, I’ll share everything I’ve learned and developed about how to create and implement innovative slides that can dramatically enhance your presentations. I’ll delve into every aspect of slides—fonts, colors, textures, animation, and more—and show you how to improve each one. You haven’t seen anything like this before!

Keywords: PowerPoint, Keynote, presentation skills, training, management, sales, education, creativity

Key Takeaways:

  1. Changing how we regard and approach slides results in markedly better presentations … which result in improved audience attention and reaction, increased motivation for the speaker, and added value for all.

  2. PowerPoint and Keynote have amazing, mostly-untapped potential. There are dozens of tips and techniques which can be tweaked, most of which are unknown or ignored.

  3. Using innovative, interactive techniques with slides can make an audience weep, laugh, or gasp with amazement. The screen can be a powerful partner, not just a glowing rectangle with bullet points on it.

The Art of Readiness:
Creatively Saying Yes
To Success

Things will always change. How can you be ready, ready for those moments when life presents a challenge, a question, or an opportunity…and your answer could change your life forever? The answer is by developing a more creative approach to life.

In The Art of Readiness, I offer fascinating true examples of how you can make those choices, how you can find your own path, how you can achieve the full Technicolor version of your life instead of the black-and-white version most people settle for. I will share a simple, easy-to-remember formula for strengthening your own unique talent, skill, or ability, and then applying it in new, unexpected ways that can open up incredible possibilities. In business, relationships, health, aging…this formula
works in all of them.

This program manages to be motivational, inspiring, entertaining, and surprising. It has been shared with audiences all over the US and is a guaranteed winner for any group.

Keywords: Creativity, change, readiness, innovation, life enrichment, boredom, skills, talents

Key Takeaways:

  1. You can stop being a spectator at your own life, and begin designing a more fulfilling, exciting, and meaningful existence for yourself.

  2. You already possess a unique set of skills. When you stop being envious of others’ talents and identify your own, you can begin to be “ready”…for anything!

  3. Innovation doesn’t come from copying someone else; it comes from being your own unique self.